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Default 94 2400 SCR Full Camper Bimini Enclosure

I broke out the Full Camper Bimini Enclosure this weekend, and boy what a mess it is. as you can see by the pictures. A couple rips on the zippers (that I can get fixed) and a tare or two in the Side and Rear Windows(Duct Tape will work..LOL). I only plan on using it while I have to boat winterized just to keep the weather out, so I'll make due with what I have. Especially since it soooooo expensive. I did a search on Ebay $2295.00 + Shipping

I am going to try some CLR to get the Rust spots off and some mild soap and water. Hopefully it will last the winter.

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That rear enclosure is pretty sad, Todd. That's the same style rear enclosure my 2400 SC3 came with, and the plastic in mine was cracked and cloudy - though not as bad as yours.

I sent my rear enclosure to Leta's Top Shop. The replaced the plastic and sent it back to me for less than 100.00. Was a good deal.


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Less than 100 Bucks...WOW. I thought that Clear plastic was expensive.

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Ok here is the thing.........Harvard get their stuff from Leta.......she is going to be 200 or 300 dollars cheaper than Harvard if not better. I have had good luck with leta, she is top quality.

Now for the old eisenglass......have you tried Flitz on the clear with a buffer ball. You might be way past this but what the heck! Or replace just the clear if the fabic is still good. A good canvas person can do that for you.

Good Luck

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I have a canvas 'winter cover' that i've never used. I'm not sure what the deal i swith it. The ones I've seen are custom made to completely wrap around the boat, like a canvas shrink wrap of sorts. This one seems like it is a 1/2 cover. It completely covers the width 9' 9" and from teh swim platform to about 1/2 way between the windshield to the bow (Maxum 2800SCR). I think it might actually completely cover a 2400. It is big enough to go completely over the bimini frame while it's up and is 'fitted' to the shape of the cockpit with the bimini frame and an arch, so it's not loose and flappy and easy to secure down. Not ideal for New England, but I bet it would work great for MD. Especially if all your going to do is use it for shelter while you work.

IM if you're interested in details.
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