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Default 1st boat, what should I put on the shopping list ?

I purchased a brand new 1800 MX and i will be picking it up on Saturday . I'm new to boating, so I'm not really sure about what else I need to buy. I'm in Arizona and will be visiting local lakes. I thought you guys might be able to make some recommendations before the salesmen get a hold of me.

Besides Life jackets what will I need? Anything I should avoid? Anchor, Rope, tie downs etc.

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Default Re: 1st boat, what should I put on the shopping list ?

The dealer should provide a coast guard safety package, which will include flares, throwable, etc. They should also provide dock lines, anchor, etc. In other words, the dealer should give you all the basic necessities. Make you sure they go through every operation of the boat too. When I bought a new bowrider they spent about 4 hours with me, including a sea trial.

You might want to buy two fenders so that you have some protection when you are tied up to a dock.

Other than that, lunch, bathing suit, music, bikini model, etc..

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Default Re: 1st boat, what should I put on the shopping list ?

Thats good to know. I want to make sure I dont get out to the lake and find out there was something else I should have been prepared for, or something i'm missing. Sounds like I might want to wait and see whats already included.
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Default Re: 1st boat, what should I put on the shopping list ?

Welcome to the zoo...on top of the items mentioned above...get yourself a decent vhf radio...also learn how to use it's great communications and can help if you get into an area that doesn't have cell coverage........also...get yourself into a boating safety course........that will give you a bunch of good knowledge and experience...

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Default Re: 1st boat, what should I put on the shopping list ?

PFD's: Type II (enough for everyone on board PLUS EXTRAS)
1 Type IV PFD (throwable)
VHF Radio (If you get a handheld, then keep spare Fresh batteries on the boat as well)
Aireal & handheld
whistle or air horn
day signal (rad flag)
fire extinguisher
first aid kit
boat lines (recommend getting spliced loops and get plenty (at least 4-6)
local charts
anchor line (get more length than you think you would typically need)
boat hook
hand-held spotlight (many people find themselves on the water after dark despite planning to be back before sunset)
spare fuses
Boaters Safety course (certificate) for Everyone who is going to be on the boat on a regular basis.

These are what I would consider critical items and must be on the boat. Opinions will vary.
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