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Lt. JG
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Ok thank you. I was down the boat today doing some bottom painting. Im away for the week and next week will be uncovering and starting engines. Ill let you know asap. I see your from warwick. I bought my boat in Wakefield.

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I was able to do some extensive testing over the last few days, here's what I've found.

My 3100 is wired per the DC schematic I posted, with two exceptions; 1 - the schematic only shows two batteries (even though we have three, two port and 1 stbd;the two ports are wired in parallel with stock cables). 2 - the schematic incorrectly labels "Port Battery" and "Starboard Battery" (The port battery feeds only the starboard engine; the starboard battery feeds the port engine, house, and generator, if equipped).

What makes this even more confusing is how the battery switches are labelled "Engine" and "House"; after hours of tracking down cables and testing, I've determined the switch labelled "Engine" is wired to the port battery, and the switch labelled "House" is wired to the starboard battery. Additionally, both switches only have feeds from the one battery (wired to "Batt 1"), so "Batt 2" position does absolutely nothing.

What I ended up doing was moving the house feed from the starboard battery to port. In my setup, this leaves the starboard battery isolated for the port engine and generator. Worst case scenario; the house kills the two port batteries (which also feeds the stbd engine), I still have the stbd battery and can turn on the generator to recharge.

This is extremely confusing and as I write this I'm disappointed with whoever was responsible for designing the DC system. I may completely re-wire the DC system, but for now I think I've got a decent fix until I can get in the water and load test.

I'm still curious to see what anyone else finds for a DC setup in a 3100SCR. In the meantime, I hope this was helpful.

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