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Lt. JG
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Default Setting idle??????

I have a 1995 Maxum 2300 sr with the 7.4l v8 merc and bravoIII and counter rotating props. I need some help with setting this idle correctly. the boat idles around 1000 rpms which is too high. I have tried to adjust the screw infant of the shift linkage that is suppose to adjust the idle but its still at 1000 rpms. I wiggle the throttle cable there and it drops down in rpms, I have lubricated the connections it works smoothly so I dont believe it to be the throttle and shift linkage. Any Ideas ???? And how can I set this idle ???

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When is the last time the cables were replaced?

Have you looked at the shifter itself? Is there slop in the cable in the shifter? If you're shaking the shift linkage and the idle is dropping, the issue isn't in the idle setting on the carb.

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shrew is right. Have nothing to do wit your carburetor adjustment. You may need a new cable. Temporary fix will help if you attach a spring to pull it back. This is TEMPORARY fix
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Lt. JG
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See thats the thing the cable was replaced 3 years ago. There is no slop on the cable now you got me thinking it may be that spring that pushes the shift/throttle cable against the idle screw. That might be worn out. I am going to replace that spring and see what happens. thanks guys I will post again with results
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If the cable was not routed properly and has a tight bend drag can be increased preventing it from moving properly.

As stated if the cable is removed from the carb and it idles properly the issue is either the cable or the throttle control.
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