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Default Maxum 2300 SC questions

Hi guys, I've just bought a 2300 SC 1999 and it has come with limited paperwork. Having taken it out today, I've got a few questions and I hope you knowledgeable peeps can help. It probably won't come as a shock when you read the questions, that this is the first boat I've owned. Also, I'm used to ribs, so there is a lot more to understand with this one. I mean, a toilet on a boat? What's wrong with balancing precariously on the side and having pee blown back at you?

Firstly, does my toilet go to a holding tank and, if so, where is the pump-out valve?

Next, where is the socket for dockside electric? I'm presuming that the TV and kettle only work when the dockside lead is plugged in.

Then, there's a red button on the VHF marked something 'emergency'. It's behind a safety flap to stop it being pressed. Is this a channel override button, is it it DSC? I would have thought DSC would have been so marked.

There appears to be a small seepage leak coming from where there is a bolt through the hull in the cabin behind the cushion at the front of the V. I'm not sure what the bolt is for, but I'm getting the boat lifted and antiffouled shortly. It's my intention to ask the engineer to look at this - is that the right plan?

Erm, where's the fuel filler? That's definitely a stupid question, I know, and I haven't looked that hard for it, but I haven't seen it yet either (only been on the boat twice). Sooner or later, it's definitely going to need to be found.

Speaking of there a better way of gauging how much you have on board? I'm not convinced about the gauges and would like to conduct a manual check.

The advert said it holds 320 litres of fuel...can that be right? That's a huge fuel tank.

That's it for now, but I'll definitely be back with more stupid questions soon. Thanks in advance...

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Wow a lot of questions for one thread.

The holding tank will have a deck fitting labeled WASTE for pumping it out.

If you have shore power the plug will either be on the side of the boat midship or at the stern maybe in the locker off the transom.

Yes the red button is DSC, do you have a GPS? If so the two must be wired together so the VHF can transmit your location. Also you must have a MMSI number that is programmed into the VHF and be registered.

Fuel filter, what engine do you have and is it a carb or MPI?
There should be a spin on filter on the front lower starboard side.

Knowing the size of you tank and filling it then determining fuel usage is the best way to track how much is used and remaining.

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My '99 had a porta potti that was not plumbed. Is there a latch on the front that allows you to unclip it and lift it out?

My shore power connectors were located on the port side mid ship. They would be obvious.

As for the fuel. Fill it full, run it for an hour and then fill it full again. This will tell you how many GPH you burn ( under the same circumstances so run it like you will use it).
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I also have a 2300sc (2001)

My toilet has its own built in tank and has to be emptied manually. Yours might be different. Pictures might help.

I don't have a socket for shore power but have seen some that do and also not sure about the red switch. Again a picture might help.

Fuel filter should be easy to find, just follow the fuel lines in the engine bay. My tank is about 205 litres. 320 sounds large.

Good luck.
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Thanks to all for the replies. I was up at the boat yesterday with the engineer and there is no holding tank for the loo, just straight in and out, using sea water to pump. The TV and kettle do only work with shore power and I've found the lead and socket. Similarly, I've found the fuel filler. Cheers for your help - I can't wait for the good weather to get back out in her.
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2300 sc

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