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Lt. JG
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Default High oil pressure

Hi guys,
I'm new here and was hoping for some advice.
I have a maxum 2400 2006, 240hrs with a 5.7l mag.
The oil pressure gauge is always reading high, on idle it's about 3/4 and from about half revs the gauge is pinned. I have just done an oil and filter change but this was happening before and after, also I've not had an alarm go off.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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Simon, I rec that you first confirm oil pressure reading with a test gauge. Most auto parts stores in U.S. will lend one to you. Remove the oil pressure sender and plug it in there.
Download the manual for your engine from the documents section, and check the oil pressure range in the tune up specifications.
If you have high oil pressure then the first step is to replace the oil filter and be sure you have the correct oil viscosity. You mention that you have already done this.
A likely cause of your problem is the oil relief valve, listed on parts diagrams as 'valve assembly-filter". This valve reduces oil flow to the engine pump at high rpms. A malfunctioning relief valve could cause the oil pump to over-pressurize the crankcase.

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Welcome aboard

I agree with jr; first confirm the oil pressure with a manual gauge. If that reads normal the issues is either the sender or gauge. If it also reads high the most likely issue is the oil pressure relief valve.
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Lt. JG
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Thanks for your help guys I will see what I can figure out over the weekend
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