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Default Anchor to hold 2300' SR, tried 20lb Navy Anchor

I need a good anchor that will hold 2300 SR. We tried a 20' navy anchor, does not work, boat just keeps moving in water. What can we use that will keep us put?

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This is a highly discussed and debated topic (fortunately, not on this site, but wars have been started on other forums LOL). There are a lot of factors when deciding on the most appropriate anchor, such as:

1) Boat Weight
2) Boat Shape
3) Type of bottom/holding conditions (Sandy, silty, slimy, rocky, clay?)
4) Size of chain
5) Length of chain
6) Length of anchor line
7) Depth of anchorage
8) Amount of scope
9) Water conditions (river, current, tide).
10) Single Anchor vs. bow stern setup.
11) Wind
12) Fetch (amount of open water between you and the direction of the wind)

To honestly and fairly address such a discussion, we would need to know alot more about everything before we could advise. There is no one right anchor or size for all conditions. I hate to answer a questions with a question, however we are here to help.

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as shrew has stated..that's a tough one with limited information you provided...where do you boat?? river??lake??sound???bay???ocean??
what's the bottom like...reed??..grass???sand??pebble??rock???
that will determine what best type and size anchor you need....
so...before I say danforth and you go out and it doesn't work.....give us some sort of clue as to where your at...

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BIG Piece of advise.

If you're going to mount the anchor on the bow pulpit (as I am sure you will). You HAVE to use a proper "self-setting" anchor. The "delta" is a common choice. If you use the wrong one, it will chew up all the fiberglass on the anchor pulpit, won't fit correctly, won't stow securely, and will be harder to set and launch.
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Very Good point BK. The bow roller roller on the bow pulpit and the anchor are somewhat married. Not all anchors fit on all bow rollers. Let us know a bit leslie and we'll be more than happy to assist.
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