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Default 2300 scr with 4.3 engine underpowered?


I want to buy a 2300 scr but I am told that the 4.3 engine is not powerful enough for this boat and the 5.7 is needed. What is the facts on this please if you have any experience

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first off..welcome to the zoo....and in my thinking ...yes..the v6 is way too small for that boat....
I had a bayliner 2455..basically the same boat..just a bayliner....the 5.0 ltr engine was would fall off plane or just flounder when we were in a following tide....I would have to give it full tabs down and just have anyone with me move fwd....then it would slowly start to imagine that with a v6....if it were me...I'd run from that boat....

look for a 5.0 with b3 drive or 5.7 with an a1g2 drive if your going with that model boat......

but that's just my opinion...


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SP is spot on with this jemwig, I owned a 1993 2300SCR with a 5.7 350 Merc 260 hp Alpha one Generation 2 and it was just right. That same boat with a V6 would be pathetically weak on power. That boat should have never been offered with a 4.3 but instead at least a 5.0 305. Like SP said don't walk, RUN FORREST RUN!!

When it comes to boats, HP is like sex, way too much is just right!!

Bella Sera 3300SCR

P.S. the 2300 SCR is a wonderful trailerable pocket cruiser, I ran the legs off mine taking it every where.
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Run away as fast as you can unless the boat is given to you. While the 4.3 is a great motor in its own right it is WAY WAY underpowered for a boat that big. Really 4.3s shouldn't be installed in anything over 19 foot. It may be ok with a 1/4 tank of fuel and two people on board but you fill it up and throw the max weight allowed it will lag. For example I recently took abotu 10 family members on a harbor cruise and they wanted to go to play in the ocean. i went out of the harbor and it took forever to get up on plane. Almost to the point where it almost did not want to. We finally headed in. And the boat was not overloaded. I never had the max allowed weight or people.
And my boat has a bravo III and a 7.4 ( 454 V8 mag motor) So if I had your 4.3 I probably literally wouldn't be able to get out of my own way.
Now imagine trying to take 6-7 people out and maybe do some water tubing or skiing. Just wouldn't happen

I seriously do not get why boat manufacturers bother putting such a small motor in such a big boat.
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yo guys

even my 2400 sc3 with a 5.0 ltr 260 HP has problems getting on plane when we are with more than 4 in the dont take the 4.3 unless you like going as fast as a TURTLE......

greatz, ed
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Wouldn't even consider anything less than a 5.7 myself...but I'm biased by my 7.4MPI Even the 5.0 may push it OK, but you'll notice the difference with larger loads because it'll be working so much harder. Believe it or not, the bigger engine may even be better on gas for the same reason...less "effort" for the same result.
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i own a 2300 SCR at this moment.
would like more power but have no issues what so ever for getting in plane (3500 rpm)
WOT is about 4700 rpm and top end speed is 60 kmh (half full tanks and 4 people aboard)
since i use the boat for small trips and the 4,3 v6 vortec is a economic running engine it's ok with me (20 liters an hour)
i believe the 5,7 liter engine can reach about max 68 kmh but weighs and consumes a lot more
i couldnt choose. it was already in there
owned a 20 ft bayliner with a 5.0 v8 before (top end speed 75 kmh but also 35 liters per hour minmum)
do really prefer this engine
boating is nice but even nicer with lower running costs
i don't tube or ski and don't use my boat as a people freighter
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I own a 2300 SCR, and do wish the engine was more powerful. Sometimes it doesn't really want to get up on plane with a full tank of gas and 4 adults - but it always does.
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i have a 92 2300scr with a 4.3L. it does fine. it planes off with 4 people in it. dont be afraid of it.
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Originally Posted by aquaholicracing View Post
i have a 92 2300scr with a 4.3L. it does fine. it planes off with 4 people in it. dont be afraid of it.
Six years latter he probably already made a decision.

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