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Default 2001 2900 SCR with single engine

I am still very new to this (although having a great time) but it seems that our 2900 SCR with a single 454 engine is rather the exception. Most this size have twins.

It runs fine and maneuvers well but seems to chug the gas. I have not found any recommendations for the ideal cruising speed vs gas usage. It rides very comfortably at just under 4000 rpm which puts us at about 30 MPH. It doesn't seem to level out and cruise as well much lower.
We also have a generator which certainly adds some weight.

One additional question...there seems to be an almost constant need to adjust the trims. I have gotten to where it only needs very slight adjustment but was wondering if this is normal.

FYI - I just added an album with a couple of photos but not sure I did it right.

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I believe there are lots of 2900 and its former model 2800 with single engine.

I use boat test of similar size boats and power to get fuel cruise est.

Big heavy boat will require tabs, need to adjust comes from people moving around or change in sea and wind direction.

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Everything you describe is normal. RPM, speed, fuel consumption, tabs. Wind, Sea State, current, tide, wake will all effect running attitude. Get used to frequently tweaking the tabs as you run and/or ignore the slight lists to port and stbd.

Running at 4000 rpm is fine. I usually run around 23 kts, which is somewhere around 3800, but will vary with conditions.
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