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TonyT, I'm not sure what kind of performance you are looking for out of your 1900. It is not a Ski Nautique, it's a bowrider with an outdrive and will not perform the same way as a ski boat. That said, my 2000 4.3L Carbed 1900SR with a stock 3 blade 21 pitch prop can drag my 230# "beautiful size" butt out of the water on a wake board. I did add nauticus smart tabs to it and that significantly improved the time on plane with the stock prop. You may be over propped, but adding smart tabs will improve your all around performance at 1/3 the cost and if you still aren't happy, you can keep going down the new prop route. Let us know how you made out.


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jrsick do you have 3 or 4 blade props? ( the 17 and 19)

[QUOTE=jrsick;25315]hey waterdog, hope you are enjoying the boat. First thing is to check RPM at WOT. If it is in 44-4800 range then you are propped OK. Let us know your WOT RPM and we can work from there.
-Rough bottom most definitely affects performance. By "rough" do you mean "looks bad, needs repainting", or "rough to the touch and creates additional drag"?
-How is your engine trimmed? For pulling skiiers I find it best to be trimmed down just past halfway between zero and full down.
-How does your engine respond to power inputs? If you set 3000 rpm initially does it stay in that range or does rpm climb significantly as you accelerate? If it climbs then you are putting strain on your engine and need a smaller pitch prop.

I have a 17P prop for watersports and a 19P for cruising. I have to pay attention to rpm with the 17P but have great performance, and this is with the 3.0 engine. I set the RPM at 3600 for pulling skiier and the rpm stays there the entire time. RPMs stay the same but I accelerate as blade flex is reduced (aluminum blade). Your boat will easily out-perform mine after a little fine tuning.

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Both props are 3 blade aluminum.
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Default Better but more to go

Hi guys,
Been out of here for a bit but thought I would share an update. I have a 5 blade prop on it now and it pulls out better than the old 4 blade. What I don't like about it now is the handling. Even when going straight in fairly calm water, it tends to lean whenever it wants too. We work on having a good weight balance. Not sure if it is because of the tower and being top heavy or the Bimini catching wind, but the boat just starts to lean by itself. When you slow down a bit, it will self right. I had a sport boat bowrider before and it handled 10X better. I always feel like I'm going to lay it over, even when returning to the skier. Very frustrating. It may be going on the market in the not too distant future if I can't figure this out.
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9 years since your previous post and you still have the boat guess you have been either real tolerant of its handling or havenít used it much.
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Are you trimming the drive out? hard listing while on plane can be a symptom of the drive trimmed in too far. The bow digs in and the boat starts to flop to one side or the other.

Once this behavior occurs, trying trimming the drive out. If the drive starts to ventilate, click in back in until it stops.

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