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Sorry for the delay on pics guys...but I haven't been up to the lake in a couple months. I did replace floor, in similar fashion to Maxum3200's floor refit. I also replaced every speck of carpet in the salon...on the aft cabin floor, walls, etc. It was a very time consuming process.

For instance, as you walk into the aft cabin, on the right wall there is carpet. In order to replace that you need to remove the vinyl covered bulkhead beside it, because the carpet goes all the way to the edge of the boat frame. I took the opportunity when I had it all apart to add a duplex AC outlet on that wall so that there is now AC power in the aft cabin. Thats just one example. There are quite a few potential pitfalls, but it really looks great, all things said and done.

I'll try to get some pics next weekend and get them posted. Anyone getting ready to do this job, email me and I'll walk you through it by phone. Its just to complex to type out every step. But it is possible to do...and with just one person doing all the work, including the galley floor, it was a total of about 40 hours of labor.


Jeff P.
1998 3200SCR
Lake Hartwell, GA
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