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Default Water Line Stain Remover?

Boy do I miss fresh water!

I leave my boat in the salt water canal over the weekend, usually Friday night through until I pull it out Monday evening. I always wash and flush when I pull it out. OK, sometimes I just hose it off.
Now I'm seeing a faint yellow waterline that isn't coming off with my boat washing soap.
What's a good product to use that won't mess wth my gelcoat?

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Use muriatic acid....go to the local boat store or west marine....and ask for muriatic acid...apply it with rubber gloves and a sponge ...the sponge will not be worth anything after wards...use a mask and eye protection will take the stain right off..then put a coat of wax after you wash the acid off....believe me ...this stuff will work like you won't believe.....

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Default Best stain remover

Starbrite makes a product that is hull cleaner/scratch remover. Be careful not to get the white stuff. What you want comes in a blue bottle and is a greyish/blue compound. I like it for stain removal, but it also seems to remove minor scratches really well.

Very easy to use, you put some on a rag use moderate pressure and then polish with a clean cloth ( the initial process leaves a haze like wax).

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I use Meguire's marine cleaner/wax. It works with 'hand tools' (rag and elbow grease) and is a 'one step' (re: Lazy) process. work it in with a dry cloth, wipe/buff with another.

Just a suggestion. May not work well for salt water though. I'm in fresh country.
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