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I don't know Capt how to get a self priming pump that isn't priming to work correctly other than replacing it. Something inside the pump is not working right ....duh!

Maybe someone will chime in with a trick or two. If in the budget I would look into a new pump. FYI.......Many RV shops carry these Jabsco pumps at a discount compared to a marine store.


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Originally Posted by CaptNCamille View Post
Well as suggested I poured some bleach into the fresh water tank and let it sit overnight. This morning I emptied the tank, refilled it with fresh water, and as I feared the water pump wouldn't prime. Any suggestions on how to prime the pump. It's supposed to be self priming, (JABSCO). but I guess not.. I can see air in the line.

Thanks in advance for your help....
Try cracking the line loose on the pumps output.

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Part of putting bleach in the tank is to sanitize it as well as all your water lines. Similar to winterizing you want to get bleach in all the lines to sanitize them. In regards to priming the pump. If you fill the tank and leave the hose running in the filler it may prime itself. Otherwise you can disconnect the feed from the tank inj front of the pump and fill the line with water to prime it. It can be a pain in the butt sometimes

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