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And yes, that was your original post. Sorry for sending it 'around' the horn a few times. 8)

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Thanks for clearing that up, I have been looking around for a good product that would work and this is my first boat. I have time to mess around with the boat and find that buffing with the electric buffer and cold beer is not too bad. The main questions I have about the sealers are do you wax over the sealer to keep the shine? Do you have to buff or wet sand off the sealer in a few years or is there a stripper to take it off if it starts to look dull? Where I live there is only small boat dealers and they do not get into repair work so supplys are limited and the internet is the best place to find and order stuff. I'm sure that everyone that owns a fiberglass boat would like to have a quick and easy product and it would be nice to see over this year what worked and what was a waste of time. I would like to start this post at the end of the year again and see the before and after pictures from spring to fall with the pro's and con's of the fiberglass snake oil treatments that anyone uses on there boats. Learning from other people on a Maxum forum like this makes me happy that I'm not the only one out there with this type and color boat.

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Originally Posted by seapuppy
DANG!!!..8.50 a gal???.....crap....I think this is all a sham...a way for the arabs to line thier Beemers with diamonds and crap!!....don't get me started on the sham we have in the US on oil...record profits on every company and we're getting killed at the pumps.... :twisted:
However in the UK the taxes are structured differently, that is why their gas is so high. All of us in the USA are just getting screwed... both by tree huggers and congress. O'well just my $.02 worth..

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