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I've done my annual in the spring for years... never a problem. I'd hate to change an impeller just to have it sit and take a set for 6 months.

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IMO I would at least flush the engine in the fall and not leave raw water in it. I would also change the engine oil as it contains blow by products that are acidic that slowly eat at the bearings. If you have a Bravo drive change the lube if you have an Alpha and plan to change the impeller in the Spring you should crack the drain plug to inspect for signs of water in the lube as letting that sit will cause damage plus you will have the Winter to get the repair done.

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I had all intention to do it in the fall but buried in side work with deadlines kept me from getting there. Everyone wants there kitchens remodeled before the holidays. Would have been much easier if the storage was close to home.
Throw in the 4 kids , 2 of which are identical girls just turning 3 and you don't get half the things done you intend to. Then to boot all 4 have their birthdays in oct and nov. almost forgot the huge yard with old growth trees that turns mine spare time into a leaf processing plant manager 2- 3 days a week.
Someone else make the jealous comment

Originally Posted by biggerseagar View Post
Mark ..sounds great! Not jealous again just curious about your layup maintenance. I use to have indoor storage for the first 5 years we had our 3000. But I still did normal lay up maintenance. Like oil change, filters changes, fluids changes on the drives. I did this in October not February like the millions of other northern boater that put there boat away for the winter. Am I missing something here or are they telling you not to do any maintenance because it is heated? How will you heat the oil up if you can't start the the engine? Last question. ..what do they block your boat on?
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Say no when do you get to boat?

I've got grandkids that age and just having them over for a couples hours wears me out!

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