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Default vibration when giving the throttle... also bogging down... What happened?

I have a maxum 2800 scr with mercruiser 7.4. Bravo 3.

Boat has been running outstanding. Made a sharp turn last night. The engine just lost power. Can not get planed off. It just bogs down. Plus there is vibration while trying to get planed off. On a side note: Since we could not get up and run we idled home. The whole belt came off and the warning alarms went off. We got a tow back. I think the belt coming off is due the the vibration so that might explain that. But any idea of the other stuff?

Love this forum!


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Gary welcome to the site.

I'l start by checking the water pump, power steering pump, idler pulley, raw water pump (some have fuel pump on them for 7.4) to check for free turning and no slop. Any issues here may cause belt to come off and may or may not be related to other conditions.

Sharp turn bringing this on sounds like something loose in the bildge may have shifted (loose battery, stuff stored below) and hit the belt or a pulley.

How long did it run before alarm went off?

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I have the same boat:

You hit something under the water, have a broken u-joint in the drive $, or your spun your engine coupler $$$.....

The alarm was probably drive oil loss.

The belt is just the surging engine, and not the cause.

Trailer up the drive at the dock with the engine off, and in gear and turn the prop by hand and feel for slop or clanking noise.

Next, stick your head behind the engine with a flash light and look for rubber or aluminum fragments all over the steering cylinder, this would indicated a shredded engine coupler.
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