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Given that the engine is not over heating I don't think you have a water flow/volumn issue. If the impellor or the circulation pump were iffy, or if there was blockage in the system, I would expect you'd see the engine running hotter than 175-ish, especially at cruise speeds, as the first symptom. The particular symptom you described; fluctuating between 150 and 175, suggest to me a lazy t-stat. Keep a close eye on it to see if you can detect a pattern - like under what circumstances does it run at 175 and under what circumstances does it run at 150, etc-etc.

Still though, if you don't know when the impellor was last replaced it would be sound judgement to do so as soon as possible. They are made of rubber. As rubber ages it becomes brittle. When they become too brittle they break. When they break the engine over heats. When the engine over heats bad things happen. When bad things happen you have to throw a lot more money at it. Don't throw a lot more money at it if you can avoid doing so.

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I'll knock on wood here......but Jasper engines were famous for bearing failure years ago.............hope not!!!


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I hope you comments of "knock on wood" and "bearing failure" is not an attempt at a bad knock knock joke at mrxitmt's expense

Ok so beside replacing the impellor you may want to replace the t-stat. Removing a t-stat to test it in hot water to check it's function is a waist of time when the cost of a new one is low, then you are done.

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