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Default No crank or dash activity

New to the forum and new biat owner. I just purchased a 2007 1800 sr3. Previous owner said it just needed a battery. So I took a chance on it. Took it home and I am having the following issues. Nothing happens when I turn the key.l an nothing happebs with any of the dash or gauges. Radio and trim work but thats it. I see two wires near carb that are disconnected that come off a little black part that says 50amp 32v. Is that part of the problem possibly. Also, please see photo if engine compartment. I see the residue on the wall that is horizontal. Is this nornal or is this water lines from being flooded. Please see photos. Thank you, Peter on Long Island NY.
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Welcome aboard

That is the engine breaker for the 12VDC system, 50 Amp. Use a voltmeter and see if there is 12V at the breaker (both terminals). No voltage check 90 Amp fuse on the starter. Voltage there check for 12V on the ignition switch B terminal. Then 12V on the S terminal with the key in the start position. Finally 12V on the yellow/red wire of the slave solenoid which is near the engine breaker. Report finding and we can go from there. Also under Documents of this site you will find the Mercruiser manual for your engine, big help.

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PO said it just needed a battery and you took his word without jumping a good battery to it or starting the engine?

Yikes!! Good Luck!!!
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My guess is the fuse on the starter is part of the problem. It's a square fuse that is between the red battery cable and the positive starter terminal. It's there to protect the wiring from a battery problem, like a polarity switch. It's usually difficult to tell that it's bad by looking at it.
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I had a similar issue. Problem was at the helm. 20 years of corrosion on the terminals. Electronics cleaner and a wire brush/file to get the contacts cleaned up.
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