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after looking at the photo's know....I just don't think those are a good idea....they stand off too far and could get knocked off....if you could thread an adaptor closer to the block...I might feel a bit better...but using that type of pipe ..that long ....might creat a problem later on.....

ok..let me tell you my thinking....back a looooong time ago(before I was involved with submarines)...the US Navy was testing a new class sub that had gone thru a yard evolution....(days before subsafe program)....there was a hull inlet that let raw water into the boat for cooling.....down at test depth..the pipe broke off due to bad welds....water was flowing in at an incredible rate....long story short..the boat was sunk with all hands....
after the investigation, they put any water related valves as part of the hull..then a few ft further down is a seconday valve....that way if a pipe broke...they could isolate it though your not seeing anything like the pressure at test depth in a sub.....putting that much pipe tends to lend a weak area on your engine.....actually 2 weak areas.....
on a side note...look up USS Thresher sinking....


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I was thinking along the same lines as SP. My concern would be around vibration. You've got those long nipples with the heavier ball valves hanging off the ends. As the engine runs I wonder if it would set up a vibration in those assemblies - eventually causing one or the other nipples to fatigue and break where it threads into the block.


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Thank you for your input! No one is ever going to crawling around in there..... it's all I can do to even get my arm in there...... I could lock them closed with wire tires but there is no way they are going to get bumped.
Just a 5.7 I measured, they'll fit

SS and SP I will get shorter male to males for the valve. both twist away to open so no issue there. These also do not operate under the same 14 lbs PSI as an automotive engine does.. so that should not be an issue.
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Just my input on the groves. Some seals have a directional grove on one part of the seal, there’s groves are to direct the oil back into the sump/ help prevent leakage past the seal. The direction of the groves are crucial to the direction of the crank /shaft rotation. It sounds like you may have this already cut into your crank as appose to it being on the seal or both

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