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Default fuel pump

I have a 2300 sr that's only 3 years old is it possible a fuel pump could already go bad cause it ran fine at the lake stopped to eat lunch will not start .its a mercruiser 5.0 mpi

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not really, sounds more like an electrical issue then a fuel issue.

MPI like your car, goes for 100k, w/o a lick, of trouble.

check your fuses, and the reset breaker on the side of the engine, its a big red button.

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is the engine cranking when you try to start it? If so then it comes down to air, fuel, and fire. Air is easy as the engine draws it in as it turns over. Fuel on the mpi requires power to the pump and computer, pump pressurizes system and computer tells the injectors when to squirt fuel into the engine. Last is fire (spark) you can check this by either using a timing light (light will flash if spark is present). Connect red wire to positive on battery and black on negative then pick up lead clamps over spark plug wire, crank engine if light flashed you have spark if no light no spark. Another way is to pull a spark plug and lay the theards againgst a ground, crank engine as see if it sparks. becareful as if you are holding the plug you will get shocked.
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