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Originally Posted by PJHoffnet View Post
Correct, that terminal pair connect the bilge blower switch to the bilge blower (don't want to have the blower on if there's a fire down there). My guess is that every time I switched on the blowers, before trying to turn the engines, I was partially shorting at that connection.
So I have two thoughts here:

1) Blowers would expected to be turned on Before a gasoline engine is started. So this would seem like a defective design.

2) You do not need a blower with Diesel engines. There is no way to cause ignition by a spark with diesel. You can extinguish lit matches and cigarettes into a open barrel of diesel all day long.

My boat (Yanmar Diesel) doesn't even have a blower. It has a slot for a blower on the main panel that has no switch installed.

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After some brief thought. I'd be looking at the fuse on the blower and the draw. Technically, an old blower with corroded parts or wiring could cause too much draw on the circuit. The fuse should have prevented this from occurring.

Check the amp draw on the blower.

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@Shrew ... concur, no spark ignition issue, thus no 'need' for blowers prior to diesel start.

I remember a Machinist Mate Chief doing the 'put out a cigarette' in a coffee cup of diesel thing for all the new guys on the boat - wanted to show them they didn't need to be 'scared' of it.

I still run the blowers right before start up and then turn them off after we start rolling. Guess it's just old habit from my small gas powered boat days.

I will put the amp meter on the blower to ensure its ok.

Safety first, safety always and DBF.

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