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Lt. JG
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Default Engine Control

Anyone ever replace there engine control, I have a 1998 3000 scr with twin 5.0, the control unit, looking for advice on which unit people like, pros/cons



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Wally ............I am taking from this that you are talking about the your shifter trottle control level. Why do you want to put a new one on?

There are adjustment to be made if you are having linkage problems both at the control and at the engine connection. Just a single control is around 500.00 bucks

I have a 2001 3000scr and about ever three years I have to get the linkage adjusted and then works great. I have twin 5.0l carbs with bravo ll's.

Then you have your trim buttons to mess with also.

More info Wally and we can better help you............


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Lt. JG
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I have the original setup, I purchased this boat 1998 3000 SCR twin 5.0l carb with bravo II's over the winter, Hurricane Sandy destroyed my Carver. It seems that the Shifter/throttle control is very stiff on the port engine for reverse only, I have no problem spending the money to replacing the unit and cables. I disconnected the lower unit cable and the shifter cable and still is very stiff by process of elimination I suspect the unit might have seen its day. The engines only have 274 hrs and the boat is in great shape, just trying to keep everything in tip top shape

We love the boat and was looking for advise on replacing this
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I bought the shifter and the cables. However, I keep procrastinating in installing them.
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I have a 95 3200 scr, twin 5.7 and bravo 2s. I recently had my shifter replaced, along with the control cables and the throttle cables. When I bought this Maxum a few years ago, the shifter was pretty stiff but usable, and every year it just got worse. Just this spring, the port side was simply frozen. Same analysis, disconnected everything and it was just the shifter itself. Bunch a lube, WD40, back and forth, and got it just loose enough to get the boat into the slip. I literally was pulling on it so hard it was pulling the screws out of fiberglass that was supposed to hold it down. With a new Gen2 shift and all new cables, its all like butter now. I mean melted butter. My mechanic charged me 6 hours labor to do all the work, including enlarging the hole since the Gen2 unit is larger. Nice thing also, the trim and trailer buttons are now on the shifter. The prior set up had trim only on the shifter, and the trailer buttons were on the switch panel next to the ignition switches.
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