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I get all that and I really appreciate everyone's advice. There just a right way to do things and then there's the 'other' way...... Both will get me where I need to be.. I just was hoping someone might know the reasoning/logic behind the difference. It's not going to keep me awake at night.

And SP I agree, I found TDC comp- with not only the valve covers off but the intake also.... I know that parts right...

Money pit or not..... you got to love 'em! ~ Darren
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Originally Posted by oneradride View Post
It's not going to keep me awake at night.
Lucky you - that kinda crap drives me outta my mind. LOL

Sounds like you've got you arms around it pretty well. I'll likely be dealing with the same task this weekend as it looks like the 489 for my '66 will finally be going in.

Good luck...


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