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[QUOTE=4jh1zz;18339] The mechanic that replaced the motor said he always put a quart extra in for brake in period. Has anyone ever heard of this or is it BS. QUOTE]

1 Qt., not 1/2 a Qt. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

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I must say.. I ended up replacing a 2.8 in a car due to overfilling... Caused frothing and promptly removed a bearing for me.... I thought "it was no big deal" as it was only a little ways over full (can't remember now how much on dipstick)... Pain in the *****... But I did come out of it learning alot about engine tear down, remove and replace.. And a whole lot about engine bay wiring etc!! So looking back it was a good experience, just would been nice to not be so darn inconvienent and semi expensive.. ($1000 during my late college years)

1997 1700SR "MaKs RAT attack"
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I finished the 5 hour brake in period with the oil reading over full as instructed by the mechanic. I hope I have not damaged anything. I think from reading all the post I should have pumped the oil down to propper level. Changing oil tomorrow with the propper amount going back in. Anyone have a recomendation for the best oil to use. The boat is used mostly in hot weather (70 to 95 F.)
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Well I am sure this reply will start a debate about "proper" oil and "shearing" of regular oils

I use Amsoil 15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine. I use it as the Mercruiser 20W40 is hard to find and the places that do have it charge an arm and a leg for it. The Amsoil is full synthetic, meets all Mercruiser specs, is available at many local and online stores and only costs $1 per quart more (did I mention it was full synthetic)

My brother has been using this same exact ol in his 1985 Chapparel 200XLC with the 5.7 4bbl 260HP engine since he got the boat back in 1990. Never had a single engine issue with it so must be working OK
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My $0.02. Run it at normal full level. If it burns while breaking in, then check and fill.

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