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Default 2900 SCR Repower

Repowering my 2002 2900SCR which currently has twin carbed 4.3s. Considering going to a single 6.2, wondering if anyone else has done this and can share any information

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Welcome Bob and Happy New Year!

If you're not doing this all by yourself the money you spent to complete this project from new transom to new out drive to all new controls and wiring you could just buy a new used boat that has what you want. I didn't even add the motor. But if money is no object then......

Is there any particular reason for all this? You're not the first one to think this but why?

Even if you rebuild your 4.3's and outdrives you will not come close to the money spent in going from 2 to 1 engines and everything else that goes with it.

If you're not happy with what you have now get rid of it and find what you want.

Good luck..


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Welcome aboard

I agree with Roger.

The transom will need to be rebuilt to fill in the old holes and make a new one for a single. This requires removing all the laminated in wood and replacing it, then a layer of fiberglass to seal it.

The stringers may need to be reworked.

You'll want to back up the new engine with a BIII for a cost of around $20K alone.

You did not mention you motive for this but if it's operating costs you will not see much savings and it will take a very long time to cover the cost.

You also did not mention the current condition of your engines, if shot re powering will be cheaper unless you are looking at 2 4.3 MPI with new drives.
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A single 6.2 will be a pig. They work well in a twin engine capacity to replace twin 8.1's in smaller boats (32-35 ft) however I can't see a single 6.2. The 7.4 & 8.1 are riding right at the edge to begin with. That is why Maxum moved away from that configuration in the 2800. The 2900 had twin 6 cylinder or small blocks instead.

I would check to see how the stringers are configured. I couldn't get motor mounts to mount twins in my 2800 based on the stringer configuration. I believe they run the stringers differently for twins vs. singles.

It would be cost prohibitive to rebuild the transom.

What problem are you trying to solve? You won't burn less fuel.
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