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Default 2005 4.3 1900sr3 no start

Put boat in water would not start,sprayed starting fluid and finally got it started, I fueled up that morning, I heard the fuel pump Checked for spark, had good spark.was wondering of the fuel tank was to full or anti siphon valve was stuck or fuel pump going out. What do you think, why wasn't I getting fuel to carbirator

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How long did it take to get it to run? The carb was dry. Once running does it now start easy?

When was it last used?

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Usually the start-up sequence on a carb' Merc is 2-3 (two is usually sufficient) pumps of the throttle in neutral (1/3 throttle on each pump). Many (including most 454' I've seen), require a little bit of throttle in neutral when cranking as well.

What as your start-up sequence?
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+1 with shrew. Same start-up sequence on my 1800sr w/4.3, and with a little cranking it will start-up relatively quickly. With that being said, I always started it the day before taking to the lake in order to ensure easy start-up. However, I have a similar problem with my '68 fastback. If it sits too long I have to break out the dropper and fill up the carb in order to get it started. The mechanical fuel pump won't get enough fuel to and through the carb before the battery will die trying to crank it over and over. I know there's a pressure loss on the fuel line somewhere (allowing fuel to drain back to tank) and the fuel eventually evaporates out of the carb, creating this problem. Could this be the same problem you're experiencing 669dennis?
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