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Lt. JG
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Hi guys! I am beyond thrilled to report that the problem is fixed and didn’t cost me a dime!!! =)

Mechanic decided to install a temporary “lift pump” between fuel tank and high pressure fuel pump. Said if she still wouldn’t plane out that would indicate bad fuel pump starving engine of fuel. While installing lift pump, he stumbled upon a loose clamp on a hose & replaced it...then said rather sheepishly that he was gonna feel like a complete idiot if it was just that d*mn clamp causing the problem all along! (lol) Ran her with lift pump & she planed right out so I’m figuring fuel pump is bad. Then we removed lift pump and ran her again to see what would happen. I was fully prepared for her not to plane but guess what?!? She planed out like a champ!!! So yea, it was just a loose hose clamp causing the problem all along!

Oh yea, regarding the small leak in risers that I mentioned earlier in thread…I was mistaken, mechanic said he checked risers during sea trial to make sure there was NOT a leak and there wasn’t so I just misunderstood him.

Thank you guys for all the feedback - much appreciated!!!

NautiGal (Dana)

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That's great. Loose clamp allowed it to suck air.

Now get out there and enjoy the rest of the season.

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Lt. JG
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What wot rpm are you getting now?

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