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Default 2000 Maxum 2300SR

I am the recent purchaser of a 2000 Maxum 2300 SR. It has the 7.4 MPI with the Bravo 3 out drive. In May - all of the fluids were changed to include the 90 weight gear lube and gear lube reservoir bottle, which was leaking. The bottle was filled to the top of its widest point leaving a little room at the top - not to over flow it. The boat has been used maybe 10-12 hours since the fluids were changed. Yesterday the boat was used for about three to four hours in some rough Gulf of Mexico waters. Today - I checked the level of the fluid in the reservoir bottle and it was down - very slightly maybe half a shot glass to get it to the previous level. The fluid looks fine in the reservoir and I cant see any leaks inside the boat ( I wiped the bottle - it had a slight amount on the rag - like it sweated)

My question - is this normal in these Bravo 3 out drives? Do you have to top off the reservoir bottle after using the boat once in a while? Like I said its a very small amount - but I'm a new boat owner and haven't had this boat long enough to know the kinks.....

Anything anyone can pass in way of assistance is greatly appreciated to help ease my mine

Mike L.

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The Bravo should be using Merc or quicksilver high performance gear lube and not the standard 90 weight.

It is common after changing the lube for the level to drop once or twice as there will be some air from the top of the drive back to the reservior.

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They burp as the air is worked out of the system. It's normal.
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