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Default Which is which battery

Hi, I have recently purchased a 2400SCR as a starter boat and had a problem last weekend. Effectively, I ran the batteries down by accident, which is a good it made it clear that for some reason I have two leisure batteries rather than 1 heavy duty and 1 leisure. The problem I have is looking in the engine bay, which of the two battery positions is "Meant" to be the heavy duty one - or does it really matter? Looking towards the stern, both batteries are on the far right hand side with one in front of the other.

Also, are the hydraulic arms that hold up the engine bay lid easily available as mine have failed.

finally, has anyone relocated the batter isolator (1,2, both switch) to somewhere more accessible than the engine bay - it seems a bad design to have to lift the lid every time you want to switch batteries...!!


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andy...welcome to the zoo...might help to know a bit more where you boat as one of our nifty members might be close by to help out some...

to answer your question...batt 1 should be the starter batt....batt 2 is the house batt....

take the piston off the lid and go to your local car parts is great too cuz they are cheaper....they can match them up way cheaper than a boat dealer will...


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SP is correct, battery 1 is typically the staring battery. You can select battery 1 on the switch then disconnect the negative cable from one of the batteries. If it doesn't crank over then you disconnected battery 1.
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Hi there...
I recently replaced several of the lifting shocks that are on my 3000SCR. The local hardware/auto parts store replacement route I quickly learned are very pricey. With a little research using the information on the side of the original shocks I took off, I found that the manufacturer (SPD Hardware) will happily sell directly to an end user. Only caveat was they require a $30 minimum order, which if you buy two shocks, most are in used pairs anyway, you will meet that minimum dollar amount by a few pennies after adding in shipping... and still be way ahead of a local pricing - shipping was quick... I ordered on Monday and had them at my home by Wednesday that same week. Check out their website at or you can call customer service at Telephone: 419-891-9292 or Toll Free at 1-800-720-2633. Good luck - its a real easy fix!
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Great responses - thanks.

Unfortunately - I'm on the other side of the pond to you - in England....
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Just an update - spdhardware were a great help - they have a UK based distributor so I'm off to the boat on my way home from work to find out the exact lifting shocks I need.

Has anyone actually relocated the 1,2, both battery switch to above deck anywhere and if so, what location did you pick?

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