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Unhappy Trim Tab fuses on 2001 2900SCR

Hey Guys,

Looks like I'm having issues with my trim tabs and I'm hoping its a breaker or a fuse and it's going to be easy to fix.... :-( Anyway, can anyone point me in the right direction here? Where are the fuses or breaker for the trim tabs located? If I dont figure this out, I'm going to have to put my beer on the otherside of the boat and don't get me started on the admiral and kids.


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If your fuse block/holder is anything like mine WAS... it could very easily be a loose fuse, as the "sockets" that holds the fuses are poorly-made in my opinion. I had to replace BOTH fuse blocks a couple years ago due to loose-fitting fuses. An odd problem for sure... but I couldn't get the water pump, lights, radio, trim tabs, refrigerator... seemed everything that ran it's power through that fuse block (located under the steering wheel, behind the snap-in cloth panel I'm sure you know) to work as they ended up working their way loose and power was inturrupted to the 12V device. Initially the problem looked like a blown fuse, as replacing them seemed to work (temporarily). I tweaked so many GD blade fuses over two seasons to make them fit (by "splitting/seperating" the blades slightly) that I finally broke down and replaced both factory-installed fuse blocks with SeaLand's high-quality blocks. This is my 3rd season with those SeaLand blocks and I haven't had ONE problem... no blown fuses, no "loose-fitting" fuses... a night and day difference. It was a 5 hour job if memory serves, one I look back on and am quite proud of actually!---considering how many projects I've done on Endless Summer that turned out crappy (I ain't no Bella Sera!). Putting my 5'11", 230 lb body into the tight place you have be to work on replacing those two fuse panels/blocks was quite uncomfortable... but ended up being worth it.

Since the season is almost over, you can probably just do the "fuse-tweaking" I did for the next month or so... then replace the blocks (if necessary) like I had to do in the off-season. But the trim tabs DO go through that fuse panel, good luck trying to find a schematic that shows what slot controls what... I never could even after doing the SeeLand block replacements. We have the exact, same boat (2001 2900 SCR) so that's my two-cents worth!

Jeff Means
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Cheers Jeff. Funny, same boat same build the owners have and I can't see me laying on my back trying to replace those things! Maybe I'll just wire them all together and be done with it. ;-) Thanks for the info, I'll let you know how it goes.
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the trim tabs pump is a directly wired to the battery post like the trailer up on the outdrive, so they will move with the master battery swtich off.

you should have an inline fuse running from the battery lug.

also, you will see six or so, weather proof fuse sockets surrounding the main battery switch, pull back the cover and check them.

finally, all of the wiring harness comes off of an 80 amp fuseible link that sits on the top lug of the starter hot lead, then prevents you frying your harness. then burn out and melt if your run on BOTH batteries, which you should never do. It's $23 bucks, but you need to be upside down and backwards to replace it.

ask me how i know this.....
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This might help, follow the colors on the wires in the fuse panel instead of the fuse names. Info is on page 48 thru 52.
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if you have bennett trim sure to contact their service dept....the customer service from bennett is second to none...


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