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Default Radio Removal for 1993 - 1800SR

I want to replace my JBL radio in my 1800SR. Does anybody know how to remove it? I can't get to the backside of the radio. I am unsure how to pull it out the front. It doesn't look like there is face plate cover or anything that comes off. Anybody got any suggestions?

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on some radio's they are installed into a frame...the frame has the ears that when you slide the radio unit into the clicks into place...there are these tools that you can get from say a car radio instl place to insert into each side of radio and unlatches the radio and you just pull out......check a local radio instl place for those tools......

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Default JBL removal

You will need to get to the back of the radio since there is a screw that fastens to a metal grounding strap in just about every installation I have seen.

Next lets talk about the sleeve that the radio is mounted in. This metal sleeve is usually installed first, and screwed into the dash housing. The radio is then slipped into the sleeve. There are locking tabs that snap into this sleeve and prevent the radio from sliding out forward. JBL however, puts these locking tabs in different locations. ( I know this because the MR-16 that came as standard equipment has been replaced 3 times in 4 years - Personally, I'll never own another JBL its junk from China). Ok so these tabs, since you have no way of knowing their location you will need 6 pieces of very thin plastic. A credit card is a little thick, my last go round I found a piece of plastic ruler that was thinner. Cut yourself a piece that is about 2 inches long and an inch wide. You will need 6 pieces for top/side/bottom of right and left sides. After removing the face of the radio, slide these between the sleeve and the radio in all 6 locations. (JBL includes a small Key that is grey and a quarter inch wide and about 1.5 inches long. The end has a small right angle bend and you're suppose to poke them in to depress the locking tabs. These are worthless unless you know the exact location of the spring loaded tabs) In my boat, once the plastic pieces were pushed in, I could reach up under the dash and press the radio forward.

I could also reach under the dash and unplug the two plastic connectors, but you may need to reach in through the hole that remains once the radio is pushed forward. There should also be a heavy gauge wire that is attached via a nut and bolt on the back of the radio. This is an extra ground wire and is important since the radio design is so poor no other real ground exists.

I've done this so often I'm amazed I didn't take pictures. When you finally get it out do not replace it with another JBL, instead use Clarion. They have an older model that uses a similar size wire remote.

Let me know how you make out.
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