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Default Navigation lights

I have a 2003 2400SC with navigation lights out. I unscrewed the 2 bolts holding the casing in place, but the casing will not budge. Am I missing something? I am a bit embarrassed to ask this question but, how do I change the navigation light bulbs? Also, what bulbs do forum members recommend?

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welcome to the zoo...they are really held on pretty tight.....just kinda wiggle it and it will come off...may have to gently pry it off....

there are not many bulb types you can use on it...there are festoon type bulbs in most....led's are becoming quite popular as they use very little amperage and will last something like a bizillion hrs....
there are 2 sizes of festoons...large and small...that's about it...I'm guessing yours is the small ones.....

are you sure it's the bulbs.....could be the dc breaker on the main panel..check to see if the dc breaker is pushed out first....


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It would seem very unlikely that both bulbs burnt out at the same time. They are used rarely and have a decent (long) duty cycle.
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When I bought our 2004 2400 SC3 neither of the nav lights worked.

Removed both screws from each housing. The housing and gaskets on mine were bedded in silicone. Wiggle/pry until they come loose.

What I found in both of mine was that the contact points on the bulbs and the housing were corroded. Removed the bulbs (festoons), cleaned all contact points with fine sand paper, applied some dielectric grease to each bulb end, re-installed bulbs, re-bedded gaskets/housing in silicone, screwed them back down.

Worked fine.

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