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Default mmsi number

for about a few yrs that I've had my boat...I have one of the early DSG radio's....if you haven't done it have to get a specific number issued by the coasties or by boatUS....
the easiest is to go too.....
(I think) the printable version and pre-fill the document out with your info....if you don't know...leave it blank...but you can fill 90% of it out ...then go on line and go to the web page and fill in the blanks on the submitable version online...reason is you can have all the info ready to go so your not searching all over the house or whatever to get it cuz the computer site will time you out......
hit the send button and get sent your number...write it down...then badabing you get an email with your new number.......then the main trick is to program that into your radio...once that's done...the coasties have all the needed info on the boat/size/color/important numbers/owners name and address and contact info and if your gps is attached..exact location of where you are.....then it's just a matter of sending help ......really awesome system when it goes on line and really easy to to boatus and get your number if you haven't already done that......just a tip....

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Since most of my boating is on a smallish lake (18 miles long), I haven't had much need for VHF. I have been putting in on the Potomac which is federal water and with the possiblity of moving to Tampa I've been interesting in learning what is available.
I read in the latest BoatUS monthly mag where they recommend a DSC capable radio that is compatible with the CG's new "Rescue 21" system which allows the CG and any other boats with DSC and GPS to pinpoint your boat, providing you have GPS also. They mention that this is only running in two parts of the country (they don't say which two) but expected to expand in '07.

In that same mag they mention that they are working on getting a radio simulator on their web page for the mmsi section.

Guess I need to start shopping for gps units and DSC/VHF radio's.
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