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Default Inverter/Charger install

Hello all, I have a 2400scr and want to install an inverter to run the microwave/electronics occasionally. Is there a way to install just an inverter so as it will work with the existing boat charger and 110 plugs in the boat, or will I have to scrap my charger and buy and inverter/charger to accomplish this.

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Not to sure. But I run a small inverter and have my stock charger in place and it works fine. All you are doing is drawing from your battery to convert to 110v..Like I said not to sure but some one will jump in if I'm wrong so stand by. good luck

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What is the model of charger/inverter you have now? How large and what do you have for a house battery bank?
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Yes, I am wondering about this as well. I was wanting a way to use my microwave and other plugins while not connected to shore power. Can someone give input on how to go about installing an inverter? This is my first post as well as i bought a 2001 2400SCR last summer. Thanks for any input
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The charger if that is all it is, takes 100V and converts it to a pulsing 12v to charge batteries... simply put. It will not help you with 110V on the boat. Some models are setup to take 100V and change it to charge batteries, but also take 12V FROM batteries and convert to 110V for power.. If your charger doesn't already do this chances are you need a separate inverter or replace the charger only with combo unit.
Inverters are easily connected - they usually come with battery leads to connect up and then just plug into them - be sure they are located where they will get decent air movement to prevent overheating though.
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