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Default Fuse/breaker?? GPS Wiring HELP please

I unscrewed the panel below the wheel to get a better look at the fuses to see how easy it would be to connect power to a GPS. I had expected it to look similar to the fuse panel in a car, which I have experience tapping into to run electrical accesories. Well to my surprise it looked more like the breakers in my electrical panel at home.

So, how do I tap into this?? I looked at the accessory breakers (or fuse) since there are two accessory swtches to see if I could just tap into one. On the back of these fuses (or breakers) there are several tabs, I think 4. On one of the accessory switches, all tabs are connected with wires. On the other there are only two of these tabs connected. Oh I forgot there IS a third which has NO wires connected to it at all. To make matters more confusing, I did not see a grounding block nor did I notice any black wires. Hmmmmm.

How in the heck do I connect my red lead (coming from the GPS cord) into power and ground the black one??? There are a lot of other wires on the GPS cord for the transducer, and other stuff that I am not going to mess with on this go around. I first want to get power running to it without burning my boat to the ground, er, the water.

Help please!

It is a 2001 Maxum 2500 SCR if that matters.....

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what you need to do is get some blade connectors...crimp the ends on to the hot lead for the gps..then shrink wrap it...secondly there should be a black or ground wire in there somewhere...either that or it's a yellow wire I way to check for a completed circuit is to use a multi meter.....I'll be available sometime this weekend if you need help...are you in the seattle area??? (I've been talking with a few people this week and I can't remember if your in the seattle are or not) can use any blank breaker on the dc panel or use the acc switch...which is what I did for my fish finder.....

let me know what you come up with..

if you need more help tomorrow..I can contact a buddy of mine at oly to help out..


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Default Wiring a GPS

Did yo get some guidance on the subject which you can share with me.
Thanks in advance,
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