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I put a momentary push button and relay on the alarm circuit on my 23 foot Drummond w/ diesel to kill the alarm while the glow plugs were heating, about 7 seconds, once the engine fired and the oil pressure was up, I released the switch putting the alarm circuit back in service. The push button energized the relay and the alarm circuit was wired through normally closed contacts on the relay. When the relay energized, the contacts opened breaking the circuit.

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I had mine muffled for about a year, with a simple piece of tape over the speaker/alarm unit. I hated that stupid alarm. Having recently taken the USCG Boat Safety course, I've been more safety conscious than ever and about a week ago I was wiring up my new Lowrance GPS and I came across that tape over the alarm, I said to myself, let me remove it, just in case, I will deal with the annoying noise when starting the engines. The next day I went out, and coming into a channel at a marina I frequently visit, the alarm went off. My port engine had shutdown on me. I probably wound't have realized it until I was way into the channel and would have to turn around and get out of people's way because I was down at idle speed and my power steering is on the starboard motor, so unless I looked at the tach, I wouldn't have known. But the alarm warned me in time and I took appropriate measures to get out of other boaters way in the channel. In my opinion, dont muffle the sound/alarm. The [annoying] alarm is there for a reason. I was lucky in that it happened the way it did for me and I moved to a safe place to further troubleshoot why my port engine stalled.

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Originally Posted by jamanati View Post unless I looked at the tach, I wouldn't have known.......
I'm sure we all scan Tach.; Temp.; Oil Pressure, on a regular basis while up on plane. However, let's be honest, how many of us do so at slower speeds? Once I'm off plane, I don't really look at my guages anymore. If I had twins the only clue I would have would be the boat taking a left turn like nascar racer. On my single it would be a little more noticable. I'd be more concerned about the overheating alarm, oil pressure or drive lube while screaming at 4K rpm.
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Originally Posted by ss3964spd View Post
...since we were going to be out for quite a while, I broke out the first aid kit. Literally applied a bandaid to muffle the alarm.
Ha! Did the same exact thing the first time that happened on our SC3! Sis-in-law + kids in the cuddy with their hands over their ears. Didn't want to cut the wire and then forget to splice it!

A couple of weeks ago, a plastic pulley broke on the port engine. A short time later the alarm went off (overheating). Even though I was only idling (looking for a non-existent object that we supposedly hit), that alarm did not sound that loud at all. After remembering that we don't have a CO or any other detectors, I shut off the engines.

My suggestion, get a couple of N.C. (normally closed) pushbuttons. Wire them in series with the alarms. Have the first mate hold them while starting the engines.

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