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Pascavone, I thought about the heat issue, so the last time We were stranded i payed attention to the heat. It was an overcast day with a good breeze. I left the engine cover open and the last time I tried to start it, the engine was cool enough to touch. The engine has yet to go over 150 during operation.

What about the possibility of the exhaust flap, one or both, being stuck open? Would that inhibit starting due to lack of exhausting, and the cylinder filling with exhaust fumes or water too far up the exhaust...

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there is nothing to those flapper valves, as then usual rust open, or fall off altogether.

The back pressure would build up on idle and kill the motor, but usually whistle as the exhaust finds a way out.

If you have something shorting out while your moving, you would smell it melting or burning, plus all your other electrical stuff would blink.

I re-read your first post, as it ran when your pushed in the circuit breaker, so still going with the hidden short of burned bundle of harness wires, you can seam to find.

Disconnect all, and try from there.

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Good to know about the flaps, saved me a lot of time and sweat.

As we discussed, will go after the wires when I get time.
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Bad coil?
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I'd look into the shift interrupt switch. Its function is to temporally short out the ignition when shifting in and out of gear. The engine will still be allowed to crank.

Testing on the trailer doesn't put a load on it but being in the water does. Load on prop is transferred to load on clutch and then shift mechanism.

You can test but disconnecting one its wire which will disable it from interupting the ignition. Please note doing so causes additional wear on the dog clutch so don't leave it off. One outting won't be a big deal.

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