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SCR 2700 (1997): My Danforth Compass (Model C-351) lost fluid this year and failed. *It is no longer manufactured and cannot be repaired (it is "glued" together). *My compass is at eye level when seated and about belt high when standing at the helm. *Viking Instruments offers a C-351 replacement (Model F-82DR), their custom version of the Ritchie Model F-82 compass. *It fits in the same size hole and can be read when seated or standing at the helm. *It cost $129 + shipping. *It is necessary to drill different screw holes. *This was a problem for me because a standard drill cannot be used due to the windshield above the compass. *To solve this I purchased a Milescraft Drive 90 drill attachment. *This allowed me to drill holes at a 90 degree angle with my drill. I also purchased two "hex" shaft drill bits (3/16th *inch for the wire hole and 1/8th inch for the three screw holes). *I glued the fabric gasket to the base of the compass using a Locktite FLexible Transparent Adhesive. *Next I removed the instrument panel to gain access to the underside of the compass. *The black compass wire was connected to the black ground wire and the red compass wire connected to the grey positive wire using "Doit Minature Twist-On Wire Connectors". *The compass lights when the navigation light switch is turned on. *I did not use the "screw" approach to secure the compass. *Instead I drilled three holes and used 1 1/2 inch stainless (non magnetic) bolts with SS nuts/washers. *The bolts had oval phillips heads identical to the screws that came with the compass. *Finally, I reinstalled the instrument panel. My new compass works great!

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