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Default Thanks Mike

Originally Posted by mmwjr View Post
billturnbull welcome aboard.

Should have a switch at the helm to turn depth finder on and off. If not te battery power switch should remove power from it or findthe depth finder fuse and remove it for a minute then reinstall. If you search under electronics and small boats you will find other threads on this that have posted the manual.
Much appreciated. I winterized and will try these in the spring. I don't seem to have a toggle switch at the helm for it but will double check. I turn off all batteries using the battery switch each time it's put away in the boatel per their policy, but it still happens when i put it back in the water and turn back on the battery switch. I haven't tried the fuse option yet and will try for that. It happened last spring also and when a bad battery was replaced , it went away then, so it sounds like what you suggest should work. I want to find that manual. I googled the error I was getting and only got this thread. Thanks again, Bill

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Does this help?

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Originally Posted by billturnbull View Post
Thank you for the manual Mike. Those are the errors I was getting. I don't recall a "Depth Switch" anywhere on my boat. Perhaps it's one of the auxiliary switches that don't seem to operate anything that I have. I have the alarm switch. I should be able to figure it out from here. Once i find that depth switch i'll be golden. Thanks again for going out of you way.


In case you have any experience with this, I also have a Stereo that turns on but gives no sound when volume is turned up. I believe it's a JVC with radio and CD. There is no mute button that I can find. It seems to operate fine. Part of buying a used boat...
Bill, In the future please start a new thread. Hijacking other people's threads is not polite.

This is the second hi-jack warning in the same thread. Keep to the OP's topic.

I've started a new thread for this topic here:

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