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Red face 2001 2100SR Fuse Block

Does anyone have a wireing diagram for a 2001 2100 SR? We just bought this boat and have a few things to straignten out.

1. 2nd from lower right on the fuse block is empty, and the tag on the hot wire that runs into it is missing.
2. Tach is non-operational.
3. Temp gauge stopped working today.

Everything else is spectacular now that it has been cleaned up.

Thank you,


ps. Also looking for an Owners Manual. I have an engine manual.

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welcome to the zoo...

first off..for the manual get the HIN number on the stern/stbd gunwhale of the USMARINE and they can send you the manuals for your boat....
second....clean all the contacts on the back of the tach and temp gauge....also check the connections at the engine...that could cause the work stoppage....
and for your wiring your local bayliner store...they can find your electrical diagram or go to and look for your yr/model and then look for the electrical dia......if you still have problems ...let me know and sometimes I can dig up the diagram for you..


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Hey SeaPuppy, thanks for the quick reply. Will take all the advice and follow up.

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Ok, so here's the update.

Tach: cleaned all the connections, and checked the grey wire leading to the tach, which is sending a strong signal. However, still no measurement recording on the tach. Their is an "hours" reading in an LED display and that is just fine. But the tach needle just doesn't move. I tried to jump the ground to the hot to see if the needle would move (similar test on the water temp gauge), but nothing. I'm guessing a new tach.

Water temp: jumped the hot to the ground and the needle pinned the other way. So, we cleaned up the connections on the engine and at the guage and I get readings. Sometimes it bounces like mad, but seems to be giving an accruate temp now. Thanks seapuppy!

Fuse block: ok, so I've got all the documentation now, but none seem to show an accurate/simple diagram of hte fuse black and what each fuse actually does. Oh, well, so long as they are not blown, we'll live with that.
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Shouldnt be too many fuses on that model, you have the basics, starter relay, radio, horn, blower, bilge pump, all your lights (dash, navigation, any courtesy lights most likely on different fuses). Turn on Navigation lights, pull fuses til they go off, and start making your own diagram. Do the same with all your accessories until you have them all labeled.
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