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Default 1992 2300 SCR Depth Sounder Funky

Howdy all,
My digital depth sounder dashboard display is acting more like a countdown timer.
It starts at 593 and counts down, then back up, etc..
The water is not that deep.
2 questions -
1. Is this a common failure mode with this unit?
2. It looks like there are 2 sending units - one bonded to the hull in the engine compartment and one attached to the transom with the speedo wheel (also not working).

Anybody familiar with this?


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A boat of your size I would not even mess with the old transducers and depth finders.

Depends on what you want in a depth finders but get the transducer that you mount on the outside of the transom. Very easy to mount and IMHO much more accurate at slow and fast speeds.

Your DF's are past their prime don't waste another dime on them.


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The transducer mount outside with the speedo wheel is for an aftermarket plotter or GPS and not factory.
The factory depth gauge sounds like it has a bad transducer.
As Roger said it may be easier and better money spent to replace the entire system.
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