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It's not a good idea to change battery switch while engines are running. You could damage alternator. Unless you have a battery switch that is designed for switching will engines are running.

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I have discovered that the switches are wired much different than I expected. I have 3 batteries and I thought the 2 engine batteries were connected to the switch labeled Engine and the large battery was connected to the switch labeled House. What I discovered was that the large battery wasn't connected to either switch, it is connected to the inverter only which has it's own charger.

Difficult to see but I looked up at the back side of the switches from the engine room and I can see that the port engine battery is connected to the Engine switch and the starboard engine battery is connected to the House switch with a jumper in between. When I turn the Engine switch (port) to the 1 position I can only start the starboard engine, no other positions (both, 2 , off) do anything. And when I turn the House switch (starboard) I can only start the port engine. However, if I switch the House switch to Both, I can start both engines likely due to the jumper between the switches. The harnesses all appear to be factory installed and they can't be switched without cutting a bunch of ties and removing p-clips. Sorry this is so drawn out but I'm trying to make it clear. Thanks, Scott

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Nothing really 'wrong' with the way Maxum did it from the factory, but it was not what I expected either.. I fully expected each of the switches (Off-1-2-Both) to be 'battery selectors. ie: Engine switch would point the load to 1-2- or Both. Not the case as you found..

General consensus at the time was that it was a cost savings decision, as to truly isolate the 'starting' and house circuits while maintaining a parallel option would require another switch (more cost)

It's on my project list to adjust the wiring to a more "normal" setup where the switches actually control battery selection for the load. I'm adding a dedicated house bank, so thats a good time for me to tackle it.

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